Few years ago, we were classmates. Today, we are married! 

 Love germinates in places we don’t even think it would. For Amarachi and Chidiebere, their love story is one you would love to read. 

About me
 Chidiebere: I am Dr. Nwachukwu Chidiebere; a 27year old married man (smiles). I am a Christian medical doctor, transformational speaker. I am a youth pastor, passionate about youths and Holistic excellence. I hail from umukabia in Ehime mbano L.G.A of Imo state. Graduated from the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka (smiles again).I Authored “Rise up and shape your future” today which is a career and examination guide for youths.

The genesis of our love story

My wife and I met in school, and then she used to be a quiet, gentle, calm scripture union sister whose voice is as tiny as anything. Used to be on low cut and preached a few times to the whole class.

 Our first contact was in a prayer group organized for the class by one of the Christian brothers in our class where I noticed her commitment to and love for prayer from her consistency .She has always been a good girl, but this was around 300 level and marriage was not in sight in any way. We went our ways after the prayer group was dissolved, but remained casual friends until 2014 when we did our internship together at University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital UNTH and got to know each other better… One thing led to the other and today we are married.

Ijaysworld: hmmm, what a story. Let’s hear from wifey.

Amarachi: I’m Adiele Amarachi, a female, a medical doctor. I love Jesus, knowing Him is the best experience I’ve had. I also love reading, playing indoor games, being creative. I’m a Christian, born into a family of 6 children and I’m the first. 

My husband and I were classmates in school, just friends, nothing more. He’s an extrovert while I’m on the quiet side, so we talked occasionally but talked more during our final year. We also did housemanship in the same hospital. We actually got close towards the end of our housemanship. He is a person who is usually frank, so he came up straight about being more than friends.

What convinced you that both of you were meant for each other? Any dream, vision? did you hear a voice  saying, my son my daughter, thou shall marry chidiebere/Amarachi,lol

Chidiebere: For me it was Love and Peace of mind .the idea of getting married to her went from obvious impossibility to a full blown possibility within a period of 1 year. I am grateful to God for giving me my heart desire for a wife; I needed just four things, only 4 Bs in a wife #BEAUTIFUL #BRAINY #BORN AGAIN #BEHAVES WELL. And Amarachi is an EMBODIMENT of  all these, so what more can I ask for? I also admire her openness to new ideas and innovations as I am very dynamic and a woman that is resistant to change may make my life really miserable: So being able to adapt to rapid successions of change is very vital in coping with me…lol 

Amarachi: Lol (Laugh out loud) I prayed about it and was convinced, and I consulted my parents and my pastor too. No dream o Lol. I thank God  for him because he has been a blessing indeed in my life. He has been a source of encouragement. He has taught me about love and also admonished me on courage. He’s a wonderful person.. 

How do you feel getting married to someone of the same profession with  you. Did you ever envisage this?

Chidiebere: I have  nothing against a lady not in my profession though .  Love simply happened  between us. However being in a particular profession  increases your chances of marrying someone in the same field as they end up being the main people you know and spend most of your time with. 

Walking in dominion

Ijaysworld: Awwwwwwwww, so sweet! Ok, shout out to each other.

Chidiebere: To my wife, I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee you very very much: And will love you forever. You are the best. To Ijay, You are an amazing lady whose persistence can force a lazy ass like me type all these stuff. 

Amarachi: To my husband, I love you, and nothing can change that. To everyone out there reading our love story, God never fails. Trust in God with all your heart. Prov 3:5

Dancing time, jubilation time
Igbo kwenu
Couple with siblings
Bride with bridal train
This marriage is blessed
Couple with parents

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  1. chukwuebuka says:

    wow…beautiful,una go just de hugry person with Marriage with this kind Godly oriented marriage stories,..isioritiooo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ijaysworld says:

      Hahanhahahahahah. i can imagine. It is well


  2. oge says:

    Congratulations, I used to know dis brother n sisters then in SONUNTH, buh I Neva knew it went dis direction, xo xo nice, may it kip waxing strong


  3. Beautiful and insightful.


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