Book Chat Meet up Recap

TJFC platform (True Jewels For Christ), an online Christian social platform and book club, on Sunday 26th of March 2017 organized an amazing event for Christian women authors including those aspiring to publish that best seller book of the year. The event afforded participants the opportunity to hear the inside stories of amazing Christian women authors: Onyinye Etoniru and Frances Okoro.

The book chat meet had in attendance ladies from all walks of life and profession. People you would love to meet any time any day; Women who are excelling at their life’s calling. 
There was a brief period of meet and greet plus networking among the ladies who were present. You know that moment you meet with someone you have been admiring on social media, this was the moment.


The event gradually snowballed into a session of book reading. Each of the authors read their favourite part of the book.

Frances Okoro went first by reading her favourite passage from her book, “prayers  for your  future husband” while reading this chapter of the book, she gave the motivating factor to the emergence of the book. “I wrote this book because looking around I see that so many marriages around are not encouraging to say the least. A lot of homes are not showcasing good examples. I don’t to see mine marriage turn out so. The way out was for me to pray ahead of my Marriage and that was what birthed this book”

Frances Okoro

Frances encouraged young ladies to come back to God. she also made a point  which was noteworthy was that so many Christians are close mouthed and doesn’t see the need to share their problems with others. “Some of our attitudes keep people away from sharing their problems with us. There is so much façade and masks in people’s lives and they are further heightened by our attitudes. Everybody is covering up pretending to okay when in actual fact, they are not”.
Onyinye on the other hand, shared with the ladies the motivation behind her book “The journey of a higher life” . The resounding factor in her story was grace.  

Onyinye Etoniru

In her words “there are blessings attached to obeying God. It is imperative to keep in mind that the God you are serving loves you. , you need the Holy Spirit as he is the one that makes the job so much easier and smoother. The higher life is life lived as if you are in heaven already. 
She also advised all and sundry to be very sincere with God. She encouraged aspiring authors to pray to God to breathe on their fingers so they would relate the message God has for them for the world. 

“Some situations that we pass through may not be God-sent but they can be God-used. Every situation you pass through, if you look closely, there is a Point Of Gratification and Lesson”. 

One thing she also. Highlighted was that no matter what you have acquired in this life, if God is not in it, then life will not be meaningful. 
The book chat continued with the session of questions and answers which was attended to by the guest authors for the day.


Some of the things addressed by the authors were the aspect of indulging in emotional activities in relationships. 

“One thing should be noteworthy, whatever you do, Ask yourself if it is to the glory of God. Ask yourself if God will be glorified in that act before you proceed to doing it.Don’t  hide under ‘I have not had sex, so I am still a virgin!’ But you have done all forms of sexual activities aside that.  My friend, you are defiled already before God and you need to come back to God. 

Now time for the treasure basket (quiz competition), this was fun time the basket was passed round the ladies, whoever had the basket when music stops playing answers the question. Two jewels emerged winners in the treasure basket time and gift items went away gift items.

Onyinye presenting a gift to Oluchi Imoh
Gift presentation to Joy Towuru

Believe me when I tell you it was as if this meeting should continue. But we have to call it a day with prayers and picture sessions. 

In all, it was a gathering that we were grateful to God for and earnestly look forward to again.

Photo credit: Red 19 Photography 


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