Dear teenager, Respect will cost you nothing!

Charisma may get you to the top, but character will keep you there!


A female student behaved rudely to a staff of a certain university. Times passed and she needed something which led her to the office of the man she was rude to. It turned out that what she needed was in the man’s jurisdiction.

Of course he did not fail to remind her of that incident that happened. I can imagine the state of bewilderment she must have found herself in at that moment. Not to talk of the shock and of course some pity face laced with shame.

There and then she realized that the chickens have to come roost (Her past deeds have come to haunt her).

However, she apologized to the offended party who pointed out to her in clear terms the negative implications of her actions also advising her to desist from the act.

You see dear one, showing respect to people will cost you nothing; rather, you will earn more into your life. It won’t make you lose money from your bank account neither it will cause your head to go off. No.

Bear in mind that everybody deserves respect, whether old or young; this is because we all have feelings as humans and should therefore not deliberately neglect anyone.

Be respectful to everyone, not just people you know or those you perceive as having a higher status than you. Many people save their respect for people upon whom they want to make a good impression, and they’re rude to everyone else.

You can judge the character of others by how they treat those who can do nothing for them or to them

This means you should be as kind to those who aren’t as “cool” as you as you are to the most popular people you know.Be kind to people you encounter throughout the day who aren’t always treated with respect. For example, homeless people are often overlooked or treated rudely, but they deserve the same respect and courtesy as anyone else.

In all thy getting, please get, cultivate and develop good character. It is good for your health trust me. You need it for yourself, family and society at large.

Yes, we live in an environment where character is fast going down the drain especially among your peers,

Yes, present environment reeks of disrespect for anything called “elder’ not to talk of the “younger’ neither do they have the time to imbibe values that will help their life. But I dare you to be different.

You can express your opinion without being disrespectful. Yes, you can be firm on your decision without having to tell that old man how miserable his life.

You can politely turn down an offer without cursing. Yes you can. showing respect doesn’t mean you should allow people force their opinions down your throat nor does it mean you should allow people manipulate you into doing what is not right.

Be firm on your stand and decision howbeit respectfully.

picture credit: quote fancy

This might not appeal to you but I assure that it will take you to places that your disrespectful peers will never get to.

Ask yourself how you’d want to be treated in a given situation, and make an effort to treat other people that way.

Treat everyone you encounter – strangers on the street, coworkers, classmates and family members  with respect and courtesy.This should not be done because you want to get something in return.

Let me end with this quote i got from an unknown source: charisma might get you to the top but character will keep you there.


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